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Poland Veterinary Centre
Employee of the Month

Kadie Morelli

Please congratulate Kadie, our most recent awesome employee!! Kadie is a registered veterinary technician with several years of experience. She just joined our team 4 months ago but has already become indispensible!! Kadie has a wonderful attitude and smiles even when others are frustrated. She introduces time-saving and equipment-sparing ideas, and she is a very efficient worker. It seems like she's been here for years!!

Kadie has a knack for teaching and loves to explain medical jargon to clients and interns. Her great outlook and smile can even be heard over the phone as she explains lab results or schedules appointments. A few clients have already pointed out how friendly and helpful she is, and please share if you have a similar experience!

Kadie shares her home with her fiance and a very eclectic group of pets:  dogs, cats, a bearded dragon, and two leopard geckos . She is very crafty and likes to knit and make lip balms and salt scrubs when she's not working or planning her wedding.

Congratulations, and thank you, Kadie!!

6609 Clingan Rd.
Poland, Ohio 44512

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