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Poland Veterinary Centre
Employee of the Month


Please join us in congratulating Heather Wagoner-- she redefined and embodied Employee of the Month for the second time!

Heather is a registered veterinary technician who joined our team almost 2 years ago.  In that time, she has solidified her position as a reliable, compassionate, and hilarious team mate. She really seems to thrive when communicating with pet parents. Whether your pet comes in for routine care or has an illness, Heather has a knack for explaining things in real terms.  In just the last week, two clients mistook Heather for a veterinarian after she spoke to them so knowledgeably and professionally.  

As a coworker, Heather is always willing to help, usually without being asked. Humility is important when working with animals- some animals don't read textbooks about their diseases, and we never know what fluids will end up on our uniforms through the day. Heather is the best at laughing off peculiarities that could ruin someone else's day.

Outside of work, Heather loves to spend time outdoors. She and her new husband, Mathew, recently spent a week camping in Canada with their family.  She's pictured here with her ferrets, Robin and Morty. She and Mathew also have two cats, and we're trying to convince her it's time for a dog!

6609 Clingan Rd.
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